Posted by: danguard | June 10, 2009

Day 3 – Postmodern theatre, pipe dreams, and my camp summer shirt

It’s been a long day. I woke up at some time between 5 and 6am, couldn’t drift back off, so waited until 6 to get up and give it an early start, thinking I could find a coffee shop somewhere early doors. No chance. A few food stalls were open seemingly selling the same stuff as the night before, but pork leg (with extra crunchy bone! Sorry Ian) didn’t appeal to me for breakfast. I killed time in an internet cafe and read my book (‘The Singapore Grip’ by J.G. Farrell – very good so far, great mix of humour, satire, historical context and economic theory – a winning combination!) in the park before the archive opened at 9. Inevitably I felt knackered by 11, but ploughed on till 4 before grabbing a cheeky kip in a coffee shop (now open – I’ve discovered a new-found love of iced coffee and iced peach tea). Then at 6 I was off to this piece of postmodernist theatre.

etiquetteAn interesting experience (it’s called ‘Etiquette’ by the way, in case you want to look it up). I’m not sure it entirely succeeds in ‘blurring the distinction between actor and audience’, as for parts of the play you’re too busy frantically reciting your lines as they’re put into your head to fully be able to follow the plot and listen to what the other person’s saying, and also means you don’t have time to really develop your own performance and non-verbal acting. I must have done alright though, as the girl I was with said afterwards she thought I was an actor because of some of my expressions (used to be an actor I corrected, those days playing Danny Zuko at Cas High are long behind me now). Maybe I should take back some of those comments I made yesterday regarding stage-school kids! It was fun though, and maybe I’ll look into doing some Am-Dram when I get back, or maybe I’ll just file it away with all those other pipe-dreams like playing double-bass in a Jazz band, speaking fluent French, sailing, writing a novel, playing rugby league, lecturing at Oxford, blah blah blah… (or should I say Bob Loblaw, attorney of Law? 😉 )

No philosophising today I’m afraid, I’m way too tired (“hurrah” I hear you cheer!). The only thing I’m left deliberating is whether this shirt looks camp with the sleeves rolled up??… Answers on a postcard please.



  1. If it’s campness that’s worrying you i’d think less about the shirt and concentrate on cutting down on those frappacinos son.

  2. OK. Let me enlighten you. The rolled up shirt sleeves are just 80s, that’s all. I mean, George Michael had them. Oh, I see what you mean.

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