Posted by: danguard | June 22, 2009

Day 14 – Here and hungover

Greetings from Malaysia, and my first proper hangover of the trip! I took the early morning train from Singapore to KL yesterday having enjoyed little sleep thanks to a lacklustre Lions performance (actually, I do them a disservice, it was a rousing comeback in the 2nd half) and some loud inebriated Frenchmen, which at least meant I managed to get some kip on the train to help pass the 7 hours journey. It was a bizarre system though, as the station, a fantastic art deco-style construction, though in Singapore, is technically Malaysian territory, so you first pass through Malaysian immigration there. Then 45 mins into the journey the train stops at Woodlands, north Singapore, where you have to disembark and pass through Singapore immigration before re-boarding and crossing the Johore Straits into Malaysia. From what little I saw of the journey, between sleep and the tiny gap of a window in front of me – just my luck to not end up with a window seat – it was rather exotic, with jungle, rubber trees and various tropical plants.  It was rather fitting as in my book I was at the point just before the British and Japanese start jungle-fighting!

Anyway, I made it to KL with no major incidents. The hostel I’m staying in seems great on first impressions. Though the one in Singapore was generally not bad, clean and comfortable, despite the local smells, it was lacking in the social scene with little of a common room. In this place though I’ve already met some great people, and was up drinking on the outside patio with them till 2 this morning, thus the hangover. Despite this I managed to rouse myself up at half 8 to work through some of the material I’ve gathered and prepare for my meeting at 12 with the President of the World Veterans League, which will hopefully develop into several leads. Then tomorrow I’m meeting a local RMN expert for a meeting at his office on the 48th floor of the Petronas Towers! Should be interesting! Before that I’m going to embark on what appears to be quite a trek to the archives here, which are a bit out of the way and not serviced by the trains or monorail, so its either a couple of buses or a taxi, which are thankfully relatively cheap here.

Anyways, catch you all later.



  1. If you walk it up to the 48th floor and back down i’ll buy you a frisbee.

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